Eutectics® is a mission-driven company. Our goal is to make clean energy mainstream – to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy.

We make our mission real by mobilizing private capital for the public good. We focus specifically on underserved and untapped markets in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Our Clean Energy Financing Hubs embody our commitment to community-based clean energy development. We work hand-in-hand with local and state leaders to leverage public financing solutions to attract significant private investment. To date, we have helped complete more than $86,321,000 in efficiency and renewable energy projects across the country

Our CEO, Jeremy Kalin, founded the company in 2010, as a natural extension of his work as a Minnesota State Representative and as national chair of the bipartisan organization CLEAN – the Coalition of Legislators for Energy Action Now. After working with corporate, non-profit and governmental clients, Jeremy identified that access to properly-structured, competitive capital is the primary barrier for building owners moving ahead with smart clean energy improvements to buildings. In just 3-5 years of focusing on new and easier financing tools and pathways for clean energy projects, Eutectics has built a deep network of more than $1 billion of committed capital partners, each of whom is critical to completing the $132,000,000 of projects on which we are currently actively engaged.

Our office is in the nation’s first LEED-certified existing building, Butler Square in downtown Minneapolis. Our work extends from coast to coast, with projects in the works from California to Ohio and from Minnesota to Washington, D.C.

Our team has a collective 92 years of experience in clean energy policy, commercial real estate and financing. READ MORE HERE

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In metallurgy and ceramic chemistry, many materials melt only at very high temperatures. But when combined in just the right ratio, two heat-resistant materials can be induced to melt together at much lower temperatures – creating a beautiful ceramic glaze, or a strong metal alloy. This melting point is known as the EUTECTIC.

To harness the powerful synergy of eutectics requires a combination of art and craft by the potter or the metallurgist. Controlling and manipulating the eutectic helped spark the Bronze Age, and enabled humans to build large and complex communities. In the 21st century, the clean energy economy requires this same combination of creative thinking and critical analysis.

There is no magic formula to be applied in a “plug-and-play” manner. Growing a low-emissions, clean energy economy requires human ingenuity, technological breakthroughs, and the political will to overcome the inertia of “the-way-we’ve-always-done-things.”

We know that every community has an innovative foundation on which they can build their own clean energy economy. We know that every region and state wants more of their energy and infrastructure dollars invested at home, rather than exported overseas. We know that business has the entrepreneurial spirit to solve any problem they face.

Only in partnership, in the right combination for the right place, will the clean energy economy prosper.

That’s Eutectics.